What is Safe Navigation in Apex?

Salesforce recently talked about a new “Safe Navigation Operator” in the Winter ‘21 release notes. Check it out here.

For many years my friends and I have been waging a light-hearted code review war, and this new feature will end that war once and for all, at least for us.

Can 2GP upgrade 1GP packages?

That’s the idea of this article. I’m using a slightly different format this time. I’ll be documenting each step along the way so I’ll be discovering the outcomes as I go.

My goal here is to document the process of packaging in both 1GP and 2GP, and to have a bit of fun along the way. I hope to make a discovery or two along the way as well. Enjoy!

So, you’ve installed NPSP and begun setting up some of the powerful out-of-the-box functionality that it provides! Features like automated soft credits, customizable roll-ups, and recurring donations, just to name a few. Most of these provide tremendous value in part to their ability to be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

So you’ve been happily building managed package applications on the platform and nothing is broken… but now Second Generation Packaging comes along and upgrading is not as simple as it was? You’ve come to the right place.

LWC Intro

Lightning Web Components is the newest programming model built to aid in developing a new breed of Lightning Components. Unlike Aura, LWC sets out to leverage the feature rich browsers we have come to know within the last few years, all while maintaining the ability to create lightweight, feature packed components and applications.