About Us

At Foglight Solutions, our mission is to help businesses achieve exceptional performance through continuous transformation. We help mid-market organizations plan and execute their journey to the cloud, transforming their business processes to drive deeper customer relationships, with better data visibility, and cross-team collaboration.

As a boutique consultancy, we take a deliberate and thoughtful approach to working with our select clients. We "listen to understand" your unique challenges and collaborate together with you when designing the solutions.

We are headquartered in Portland Oregon, built by a team of top-certified consultants that have been consulting on the platform since 2005 and have transformed hundreds of clients' businesses.

Our Values

Our values guide our decisions, build our company with a positive culture, and strengthen our purpose.



Working with each other, our clients, and our partners brings us joy and fulfillment. The work we do is greatly valued and appreciated. Our passion is contagious and drives our commitment.



As trusted advisors to our clients and each other, we act with respect & integrity in all things, always building confidence that we are honest, fair, and reliable.



We value making a difference and delivering value for our clients & partners, ourselves, our community, and the world. We value velocity and progress over perfection.



As intrepid thought leaders, we are empowered to creatively solve challenges and be impartial advisors to our clients. We have the courage to make human connections even when they make us vulnerable.



We are a team of capable individuals who take initiative and understand that we win together, and with our clients. Our strength comes from respecting diverse thoughts and backgrounds.

Our Team

Eddie Blazer

Eddie Blazer  |  Partner

Eddie started working with the Salesforce platform as a developer and integration specialist in 2005. He immediately saw the transformative value the platform brought to clients and decided Salesforce was the future. After architecting dozens of secure, scalable, and highly transformative projects, Eddie became one of the first consultants to earn Salesforce’s coveted Technical Architect certification.

When not growing his business, Eddie enjoys spending time with his kids, being outdoors, and avoiding his wife’s cat.

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Janwyn Toy

Janwyn Toy  |  Partner

Janwyn started her Salesforce career as a System Administrator. Her affinity for detail, organization, and learning new things led her to the world of consulting. Her favorite parts of a project include understanding business processes and applying her creativity to develop a solution design that achieves the client’s vision and business goals.

Aside from work, Janwyn enjoys road cycling, hiking/camping in the PNW, and cheering on the Portland Timbers soccer team.

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Brittain Mason

Brittain Mason  |  VP, Sales

Brittain started in the Salesforce ecosystem in 2006 while living in Manhattan. She moved back to the Seattle area in 2013 where she has continued to help businesses find strategic solutions for their needs. Currently, she is helping her clients come up with both business and technical solutions around cloud technology.

After work, Brittain loves to travel or do anything outdoors. She especially loves to hike, bike and go out on the boat.

Salesforce Certified
Trieste LaPorte

Trieste LaPorte  |  Archiveloper

Trieste began working with the Salesforce platform in 2009. Since then he’s been doing his best to find new patterns to explore, new ways to coerce it into doing fantastic things, and new ways to work. His favorite part of consulting is encountering problems that he’s not yet solved and getting his hands dirty to solve them. Before working with Salesforce, Trieste dabbled in many areas of Information Technology including building custom PCs, network security, and application development.

When not geeking at work, Trieste can be found tracking his motorcycles, making wine, or making something (anything).

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Reis Warman

Reis Warman  |  Platform Developer

After taking a Java programming class in high school, Reis was drawn to the idea of solving problems with code. His discovery of this passion has led him to solving real-world business problems today with the Salesforce platform. At Foglight, Reis works closely with clients to derive, understand, and solution their business requirements and is expert with Apex, Lightning, Visualforce and the Salesforce APIs.

Reis also enjoys golf, rowing crew, competitive paintball and carrying his camera, everywhere.

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