Why I Joined Foglight Solutions

September 14, 2020 by Brittain Mason

During this global pandemic, this is the longest period of time that I haven’t been on a plane for either work or personal reasons since college. Unlike many others, for the last 8 years I have been working from home. Since Covid-19 has brought my work travel to a halt, it has given many of us time to soul search both personally and professionally. I have always loved the fast paced culture of mid-sized technology consulting firms but miss wearing multiple hats in the start-up world. A couple months ago, I took a leap to join Foglight Solutions after finding that their team was a great mix of experienced consultants that had worked for larger firms but left for a better work-life balance and happier customers.

The weekly team calls always end with photos and stories from the previous weekend or recommendations of a new plant store that someone might enjoy. The Foglight Solutions team is close knit and always eagerly helping each other when someone needs another set of eyes on an issue. When I originally spoke to one of the co-founders, Eddie, I was surprised to hear how experienced the small team was within the Salesforce ecosystem. The team averaged 12 years of experience, a 4.9 customer satisfaction rating, and all customers were willing to speak as a reference to their work. Being in consulting for most of my career, this took me by surprise and showed how much the team valued their customers and successful projects. The Foglight Solutions team lives by their motto of enabling organizations to achieve high-impact outcomes with Salesforce. I’m incredibly grateful to be selling the services of such a hard working team that is always looking to push the boundaries of technology.

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Brittain Mason


Brittain Mason | VP, Sales

Brittain started in the Salesforce ecosystem in 2006 while living in Manhattan. She moved back to the Seattle area in 2013 where she has continued to help businesses find strategic solutions for their needs. Currently, she is helping her clients come up with both business and technical solutions around cloud technology. After work, Brittain loves to travel or do anything outdoors. She especially loves to hike, bike and go out on the boat.